Pure-Dee Poison
Season 2, Episode 17
Air date January 31, 1984
Written by Chris Bunch & Allan Cole
Directed by Dennis Donnelly
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A brewer of alcohol in Georgia is selling tainted product, resulting in illness and death. A local preacher decides to involve the A-Team.


Charles Drew


Reverend Taylor


Hannibal - eccentric fisherman
Hannibal - sugar daddy

Murdock - Clarke

Tawnia - Bubbles

Notable LocationsEdit

Arcadia County, Georgia

Memorable QuotesEdit

Tawnia: I can't tell you guys how included this makes me feel! I mean, we're like family, practically! I, I mean, it's great, don't you think?
Hannibal: Tawnia, you may not be thanking us for long.

Hannibal: I love it when a partnership comes together.


Tawnia has the opportunity to con someone delivering tainted alcohol and then blow up his truck. This was her first big solo action scene. Her semi-apology for not blowing up the second truck is the only comment made. Later she had a more traditional role for a female character on the show: she was captured as used as leverage against the team.

Travel isn't discussed, but somehow Reverend Taylor got from Georgia to L.A. in order to hire the team. Next scene, B.A. is driving the van into Arcadia County in Georgia.

B.A. and Stephanie (the reverend's daughter) had a bit of a connection, resulting in at least one brief, goofy grin from B.A.

Face cons a dentist out of nitrous oxide, continuing his habit of stealing from innocent people.